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An innovative method to support cell biological, microcirculation processes of the skeletal muscles.

The Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy works from the outside by means of rhythmic micro-extension down to the cell biological level of the body cells and their environment, the so-called extracellular "matrix", in order to eliminate malfunctions such as disturbances and congestion. Thus the physiological metabolism of all cells is optimised to promote cell regeneration and healing.

As a result, the entire tissue becomes more permeable, more flexible and more resilient, in order to reduce the risk of injury during stress and strain.

This deep action also prevents latent over-acidification of the cells in order to maintain the acid-base balance, thus increasing performance. This is the essential difference to the classical procedures of physical medicine. The main advantage of "Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy" is its causal approach to specifically improve the structural quality of biological tissues and to accelerate healing processes.

We successfully apply the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy to horses. You are welcome to make an appointment with us for your horse.

The Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a device therapy.

The Therz matrix device oscillates with a frequency between 10 and 35 HZ, similar to the body's own frequency. This oscillation can lead to a relaxation of the muscles, an improvement of the metabolism or, by using a higher frequency, a stimulation of the muscles.

Impressions Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy briefly explained!

Dr Randoll introduces you to the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy (5 min).

Explanatory film about Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy (1 min).


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