Josephine Schnaufer  


Eventing, is Josephine Schnaufer's discipline in equestrian sports.

Josephine trains her horses here at the Reit-u. Trainingsanlage in Neitersen with renowned trainers in all three disciplines.

Since 2011 she has been regularly with Christopher Bartle at the Yorkshire Riding Center in England for several training sessions.

Her biggest successes so far were:

  • 2011 4th place at the German Championships with Sambucca
  • 2012 3rd place BuCha / Warendorf in the 5 year old VS horses with Pasadena
  • 2015 15th place CCI*** Boekelo, with Sambucca
  • 2016 1st place with the team in the Nations Cup (6th place in the individual), Houghton Hall with Sambucca
  • 2016 8th place CCIYH* World Championships of 6 year old VS horses in Le Lion d'Angers with Vivian

Josephine Schnaufer is active at many international and national shows in all disciplines and partly up to the advanced level. She trains young horses in Neitersen / Westerwald with a lot of passion.

JS - EVENTING / Dressage

JS - EVENTING / Jumping

JS - EVENTING / Cross-country



News & Videos:

Eventing - Dressage, cross-country and jumping

Eventing - Videogallerie

J. Schnaufer on Viktor 107 at Land Rover Blair Castle International 2019

J. Schnaufer on Pasadena 217 at Ssangyong Blenheim Palace 2019

J. Schnaufer on Vivian 47 at Blair Castle International 2017

J. Schnaufer on on Sambucca 10 at Houghton International 2016


You can follow Josephine Schnaufer's successes on fn Success Data and FEI Database.