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Our riding and training facility in Engels

 In addition to the training of young eventing horses and a small breeding farm with approx. 2-4 brood mares, we have now been running a small rehabilitation centre since the end of 2018.

In addition to training young eventing horses and a small breeding operation with about 2-4 broodmares, we now operate a small rehabilitation center since the end of 2018.

We work closely with experienced horse therapists, trainers, veterinarians, as well as farriers and saddlers.

A versatile basic training from trail riding to loose dressage and jumping work to first experiences in eventing make our horses ready for action to become perfect partners for sports and leisure.




Growing in trust - The family business with Annette Schnaufer (breeding and rehabilitation) and Josephine Schnaufer- Völkel (training and riding).

Rehabilitation centre: You can get an overview of our rehabilitation offers here:

Josephine Schnaufer

Horse sport - my passion!

Ever since I can remember, horses and especially equestrian sports have been my greatest passion and the center of my life.

The constant connection to my passion and also the family closeness, the support from my husband and my family fill my life and offer me the platform to continuously set new goals and to realize them.

The focus in my life now is completely on my success in equestrian sports, especially in the discipline of eventing.''

Josephine Schnaufer was born in Waldbröl in 1990 and has been riding since childhood. At the age of 12, she went to boarding school in Bad Honnef, where riding was also offered as an AG subject, and discovered her passion for eventing there.

With her pony Pancho, Josephine Schnaufer trained with the Vreden family at the Hagerhof and discovered her enthusiasm for eventing. The first start in cross-country was immediately crowned with success, she was second at the district championships of pony eventing.

In December 2016 Josephine graduated in business administration, since 2017 she holds the golden riding badge and rides with LK I eventing.

In 2019, Josephine completed her horse business master's degree in classical riding training with "Stensbeck".

At her riding facility at "Gestüt im Engels", she has been running her training stable full-time with a focus on eventing since 2019.

Josephine trains her horses at the Reit,-und Trainingsanlage in Neitersen with renowned trainers of all three disciplines. Since 2011 she has regularly spent several weeks with Christopher Bartle at the Yorkshire Riding Center in England.

Josephine Schnaufer is active at many international and national shows in all disciplines, partly up to the heavy class, and trains young horses with a lot of passion.

Her biggest successes so far:

  • 2011 4th place at the German Championships with Sambucca
  • 2012 3rd place BuCha / Warendorf in the 5-year-old VS horses with Pasadena
  • 2015 15th place CCI*** Boekelo, with Sambucca
  • 2016 1st place with the team in the Nations Cup (6th place in the individual), Houghton Hall with Sambucca
  • 2016 8th place CCIYH* World Championship of 6 year old VS horses Le Lion d'Angers with Vivian

Annette Schnaufer

Horse breeding & horse health

Dentist and DIPO equine-osteotherapist (since 2005).

On our homepage "www.gestuet-im-engels.de" you will find all information about us, our horses and our work.

Videos of our horses and used stallions

Balous Bellini


Sambucca DM JR 2010

Klassische Reitausbildung, Haltung und Service

Training and internship

To support our team we are always looking for an intern as well as trainees to become Pferdewirt with a focus on classical riding training, or with a focus on keeping and service.

We offer:

- Family environment

- Nice and competent team

- Fair payment

We are looking forward to your enquiry / application!


We look forward to seeing you!

Would you like to get to know the possibilities of our riding and training facility with aquatherapy in Neitersen / Westerwald?

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Your Josephine Schnaufer & Team